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Athlete and Coach ID Cards

Athletes and coaches must e-mail a good quality photo for the ID cards with “KCC ID Photo” in the subject line to In the e-mail, you should put your full name, weight division, and province. This will greatly speed up the ID card pick-up process.


KEES Taekwondo
333 4th Avenue North (lower level)
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2L8
t: 306.955.3322
f: 306.373.8142

Athletes can enter up to 6 events: sparring, forms, weapons forms, and all 3 breaking events.

Early Registration: by May 08, 2009.

Final Registration: May 15, 2009. No registrations accepted after this date.

One event $ 60
Two events $ 70
Three events $ 80
Four events $ 90
Five events $ 100
Six events $ 110
Credit Card Surcharge $ 2

Certified Cheque or Money Order payable to: 2009 KEES CANADA CUP

Officiating Referees:
Officials/Coaches/Referee meeting on Friday, May 5, 2009, 8 to 8:30pm at Kees Taekwondo - 333 4th Avenue North (lower level) Saskatoon, SK.

To download the form to your computer, please 'right-click' on the Forms links below and choose 'save link as'.

pdf Black Belt 2009
pdf Colour Belt 2009
pdf Credit Card 2009
pdf Medical 2009
pdf Officials 2009
pdf Referee 2009
pdf Check List 2009
pdf Schedule 2009
pdf Volunteers 2009
pdf Event Info 2009
pdf Rules 2009